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About lexoffice

With the online business solution lexoffice, your bookkeeping is done almost automatically. Thanks to integrated online banking with automatic payment reconciliation, you save yourself the tedious task of comparing receipts and bank statements. You can immediately see which payment belongs to which receipt and always have a complete overview. lexoffice automatically takes care of the correct bookkeeping in the background, saving you a lot of time.

Integration Overview

Sync Pleo expenses to lexoffice in real-time

  • By integrating Pleo with lexoffice, a direct feed is automatically enabled. This means that when any of your colleagues pay with their Pleo card, the transactions are automatically synced to your lexoffice account.

Streamline the synchronisation of your spending data

  • When Pleo is connected to lexoffice, a bank account for Pleo expenses is automatically created within lexoffice. This represents your Pleo Wallet.
  • 'Categories' in Pleo reflect your chart of account names in lexoffice. When you set up your categories after enabling the integration, the drop-down menu in Pleo will automatically reflect your account names (either numerical or textual) in lexoffice. That said, you will need to give the specific category (account number) a name in Pleo that will be easy for employees to understand when adding details to their purchases.
  • Once you enable the integration, tax codes from lexoffice are automatically populated in Pleo.

Close the books with ease and confidence

Pleo helps you achieve financial efficiency by automating receipt capture, reimbursements, invoice payments, and bookkeeping practices and relieving the finance team of manual work. Join 30,000+ happy customers who’ve already simplified their spend management workflows with Pleo.

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