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About ADDISON OneClick

Wolters Kluwer Software Tax & Accounting is a leading provider of software for tax advisors, auditors and medium-sized companies in Germany. The company is part of the global information service provider Wolters Kluwer. In Europe alone, around 60,000 tax consulting firms and over 100,000 medium-sized companies already work with software solutions from Wolters Kluwer.

With the cloud solution ADDISON OneClick, Wolters Kluwer offers clients and tax advisors the collaborative approach to optimize analog processes in digital collaboration between client and tax advisor and thus increase efficiency. This creates a win-win situation. Through the digital exchange of data, tax advisors can better manage day-to-day business and thus provide their clients with better advice, while clients enjoy the advantage of time saved through digital data processing. ADDISON OneClick can be tailored precisely to the needs of the client.

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