Export your Pleo expenses right into Dinero in a click

About Dinero

Dinero is designed for entrepreneurs and the self-employed who would rather spend time developing the company's core product than doing accounts. We work to make your accounting life easier, everyday.

Integration Overview

Pleo’s direct integration with Dinero enables you to seamlessly export your spending data right into your accounting system in a click to close the month faster and error-free.

Avoid manual errors with up-to-date accounting data

  • Set up expense categories in Pleo based on the imported chart of accounts from Dinero to enable accurate expense categorisation.
  • Import your VAT tax rates from Dinero to avoid bookkeeping mistakes and lengthy reconciliation.

Enjoy effortless reconciliation

  • Review your company’s spending data on the go and export expenses and reimbursements into Dinero in a click without waiting for the month-end.

Close the books with ease and confidence

Pleo helps you achieve financial efficiency by automating receipt capture, reimbursements and bookkeeping practices and relieving the finance team of manual work. Join 30,000+ happy customers who’ve already simplified their spend management workflows with Pleo.

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