Microsoft Outlook

Automate digital receipt capture by connecting Pleo and your Outlook account with Fetch


Outlook is a webmail service that is part of the Microsoft 365 product family.


Automatic email receipt capture with Fetch

Fetch automatically scans your Outlook account and automatically adds receipts from online purchases to the Pleo app. This is the best option because it is completely automated.

No need to add a photo.

No need to attach a screenshot.

Safe and Secure

The integration is designed to only retrieve messages relevent for the Pleo expense. Pleo will never store your emails.

How to enable

Head to Account on the Pleo mobile app and tap the Power-ups. If you're on desktop, head to Settings, then My Account and click on Power-ups.

Turn Fetch on.

Follow the instructions and allow Pleo access to your inbox or send a request to your Admin.

Microsoft Outlook screenshots

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