Seamlessly assign Pleo expenses to the corresponding jobs in easyJOB

About easyJOB

easyJOB is an all-in-one solution for companies with project-based business and covers the entire project process: from the initial customer inquiry through the entire purchasing process, internal production, to the outgoing invoice. More than 850 customers with around 20,000 users rely on easyJOB.

Integration Overview

Save time on synchronising your Pleo expense data with easyJOB:

  • Simply use our custom CSV template to export and link Pleo expenses directly to the relevant jobs in easyJOB
  • Further process steps (e.g. the creation of performance lines or a approval process triggered in easyJOB) can be configured individually for each customer by easyJOB.

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Pleo helps you achieve financial efficiency by automating receipt capture, reimbursements, invoice payments, and bookkeeping practices and relieving the finance team of manual work. Join 30,000+ happy customers who’ve already simplified their spend management workflows with Pleo.

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